Table centre in Caltagirone pigna stile DIA. 30CM

One of the most sought-after furnishing elements, These centerpieces draw inspiration from the design of Pigne. Precious and accurate, refined lines and fine decorations, Caltagirone’s ceramic creations write a new chapter in an object that has always been present in every home: the centerpiece. These are innovative models that fit into the tradition of Sicilian artistic majolica made entirely by hand and are perfect for characterizing the interior of one’s home.

Distinguishing Pigna centerpieces are the floral and plant motifs typical of this ancient art. The color patterns cleverly combine shades of great classic taste such as white and blue or white and red, but they are also a hymn to nature with an energy-filled dialogue between green and yellow. Enriching all of Caltagirone’s ceramic creations are the frames with soft lines.

Can be used as a decorative element of the furniture , the Pigna centerpieces are a perfect furnishing complement to personalize both classic and modern interiors, but they also represent a classy and tasteful gift idea for special occasions and celebrations


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