Splendid Triniacria di Ceramica di Caltagirone

Splendid Triniacria di Ceramica di Caltagirone

The symbol of Trinacria consists of the head of the Gorgon, one of the three monstrous sisters of Greek mythology (specifically, these are Medusa, Steno and Euryale, daughters of Phorcus and Ceto, two sea gods who were capable of petrifying anyone who looked into their eyes), from whose hair, made from snakes intertwined with ears of corn, radiate three legs bent.

The symbol has a very ancient origin: some coins found in Asia Minor and dating from the 6th and 4th centuries B.C. testify to its religious connotation, related to the sun god and his threefold representation of the seasons spring, summer and winter.

There is then a close relationship between Trinacria and ancient Greece: Spartan fighters drew the typical bent leg as a synonym for strength; Homer, moreover, in the Odyssey speaks of Thrinakie (from thrinax, “three-pointed”) alluding to the shape of the island.

The Greeks are thus credited with the arrival of Trinacria in Europe, until we then reach Roman times and see this figure lose its religious aspect and become a representative effigy of Sicily.

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