Complete set of Ceramica di Caltagirone ” Sicilian ( Modern) Moorish heads 24H

One of a kind wonderful Modern Moorish Heads

Moorhead: a symbol of love, passion and luck
Ornamental ceramic vases modelled and painted by hand, depicting the face of a man and a woman,
are used as precious and highly sought-after furnishing objects, bringing liveliness and class to any environment, even modern ones.

Created by the skilful hands of local craftsmen and exported all over the world,
today the Teste di Moro are almost always reproduced in pairs and are symbols of Sicily par excellence, certainly among the most characteristic.

Caltagirone ceramic Moorheads are recognised all over the world, an icon of style and trend, the result of centuries-old tradition and studied craftsmanship.

Moors are now a symbol for Sicily, but they have behind them a very ancient and important history typical of a Sicily immersed in a magical atmosphere of ancient traditions, myths and legends that tell of thwarted loves, passions and jealousies.

Pair or single of Caltagirone ceramic Moorheads, handcrafted according to tradition and decorated strictly by hand. Models with an unmistakable style, from classic to modern, with colours and figures typical of Sicily.

Insured Purchases
In case of breakage replacement within 7 days


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